File extension .vhd information

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File extension VHD is a file extension that is associated with the disk image files that are created or generated by the Virtual PC software from the Microsoft Corporation. The Virtual PC is software which operates as an emulator on the Apple computer and also as a virtualizer on the Windows Personal Computers. The running of the virtual machine on the Windows PCs enables a user to install multiple operating systems on the same computer and also have the computer to appear like it consists of more than one hard drive.

Having trouble opening .vhd files?

Not being able to open .vhd files may be the result of not having the appropriate application installed or Operating System issues.

You should ensure:
  1. The appropriate program is installed
  2. Check your Operating System for invalid registry entries and other speed issues.

When a computer appears containing more than one hard disk, this enables it to create a PC inside a PC. File extension VHD files identify separate virtual hard disk files. The Virtual PC enables a user to maintain the compatibility of custom and legacy applications during the time of migration to operating systems that are new and increase the efficiency of support, training staffs and development. Connectix Virtual PC was taken over by the Microsoft Corporation and happens to be the basis of the Microsoft product.

Extended .vhd information

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